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Our business is to provide movie theatres with the potential for a lucrative secondary revenue stream while delivering viewing audiences the quality preshow experience they have come to expect.

No advertising medium can match the power or impact of the big screen. At ReelDeal we partner with businesses of all sizes to help them become part of the immersive and memorable theatre experience.

ReelDEal offers the most competitive rates in the business, but we also offer discounts and seasonal pricing on a regular basis. check here for our current promotions or contact us for special offers in your area.

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advertising design entertainment packages
need media for your promotion? we've got you covered trivia and games, customizable for your show

We can help you deliver your message with the impact it deserves

We can customize the look and feel of our Entertainment Package to meet your needs, or create completely unique segments for your show!

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the reel deal

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, ReelDeal Media Inc. is a priavtely owned media company that provides preshow entertainment for movie theatre venues. Our goal is to provide an avenue for independent theatres to stay independent by giving the community and local businesses a chance to participate in the performance. Since we started in 2011 we've been fulfilling that goal and helping local advertisers deliver their message with the power and impact that only the Big screen can provide.

ReelDeal's success is based on the success of our partnerships. We build lasting relationships with our advertisers and our theaters. it’s all about giving advertisers value for their investment by keeping the audience watching. Our motto is simple; Every advertiser gets fair coverage at a fair price and a guarantee that their ad will be seen in between films. Advertising with reeldeal is the most cost effective solution to reaching a broad but locally targeted audience.

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ReelDeal Media Inc.
Suite #555 3381 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 4R3

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digital Cinema Preshow

The Product

The ReelDeal Digital Cinema Preshow utilizes the latest in Digital Technology to provide a rich, engaging and visually absorbing preshow experience for theatres and their audiences at no cost to the participating theatre. After the show is playing in your location, you can bring on your own advertisers or you can rely on our independent sales agents to help you get the most out of your show.


The ability to effectively use the ReelDeal Digital Preshow has some basic technological requirements. Ideally this system works best with Digital Projectors but is not limited to expensive, high-end projection houses. As a general rule, if you can play a DVD or PowerPoint presentation in your theatre, you should be able to use the ReelDeal Preshow at your location. We will assess the compatibility of our preshow system with your theater during an on-site visit.


As a partner theatre your ticket revenues will be supplemented by a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by your location. if you want to make money, it means keeping your audiences and your advertisers happy. reliable, quality screeen-time is what we promise and it's what we deliver. So, take the next step and ask us about partnering with reeldeal today.

welcome to big time entertainment!

the reel deal

Our goal is to provide partner theatres with the potential for a lucrative secondary revenue stream while delivering viewing audiences the quality preshow experience they have come to expect. This is not an antiquated slide-show or some inflexible mail-by-dvd system, this is the look and sound of cutting edge technology at its best. This is the Reel Deal!


A quality Pre-Show has become an integral part of the theater experience and advertisers have come to recognize the power of the big screen as a medium to deliver their message. If your theater is still missing a preshow you're missing out on opportunity.
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cost effective Advertising

High Definition Mainscreen

A HD720 window capable of displaying video of almost any digital format. Easily the most attention grabbing section of the screen, ads displayed in this section are contracted to be seen once per loop.

billboard banners

The “Billboard Banner” area is a single 1280 x 230, image such as JPG, GIF and BMP. this powerful little advertising strip makes use of the most common medium found on the internet, the banner advertisement. Each Billboard Banner plays for 10 seconds and repeats a minimum of three times per loop.

the loop

Our preshow cycles every 15 minutes. Ads and Trivia are interspersed randomly throughout the 15 minutes of play to keep viewers focused on the screen. While our theatres are required to play a minimum of 1 loop rotation between movies, our show may run from the end of one film to the beginning of the next, an interlude which can be as long as 45 minutes, or 3 cycles!

Advertising with ReelDeal is the most cost effective solution to reaching a broad but locally targeted audience.

it's more affordable than you think.

the show

The ReelDeal Preshow differs in many ways from traditional theatre preshows. Fully digital, we broadcast in 1920 x 1080p for the highest quality possible. Unlike other cinema preshows which broadcast fullscreen, our screens are divided into four distinct quadrants which helps reduce the costs to our advertisers and gives viewers more reasons to stay focused on the screen.


We offer advertisers the opportunity to rent a spot in our preshow playlist. Advertisers can submit their own pre-made commerical media or we can even procude quality media for your spot. In some cases we will even provide content to certain advertisers free of charge. Take a look at our design section to find out more.
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current promotions  

One package, One price. Discount offered across the ReelDeal Network only.
Please contact us for availability.

*not applicable in conjunction with other discounts

professional design & creative services
Our designers can help you deliver your message with the impact it deserves. Pick the package that fits your advertising needs and let us do the rest!

the basics attention grabbing motion high definition video
Static ads use your businesses logos and images to create a non- moving poster style advertisement for your spot at the theatre. Static ads are also accompanied by a basic soundtrack. motion graphics are the mainstay of what we do. We give life to your promotion through the use of transitions and animation, delivering audiences your message with the best value for your budget. Engaging High definition video is what we deliver in our premier package. we contract with local companies to shoot your commercial the way you want it. Not available in all locations and prices may vary.
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big entertainment for your big screen
trivia time viral videos celebrity birthdays puzzling pictures

Our question-and-answer trivia is unique for every show. three distinct types of trivia ensure that viewers won't see the same questions twice.

Our preshow brings Viral Videos to the Big Screen. Sixty seconds worth of of funny, amazing and sometime bizarre amateur clips, guaranteed to drum up laughs during the show.

Celebrity Tidbits are always in high demand, and what better way for your audience to relate to the screen than to share a birthday with someone famous?

Our 'Puzzling Pictures' are a great way to give viewers a chance to exercise their deductive powers. These unique puzzles are sure to please any audience.

contact us today to see what we can do for your show!
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